Columbia University Club of Northern California Board 2016

Co-President: Stephen Wang '06SEAS

Co-President: Nadine Rose Carole '13SW

Vice President: Matt Mireles '08GS

Events Chair: Nadine Rose Carol '13SW

Events team:

Babak Soltanian '05SEAS '06SEAS

Jennifer Fong '11SIPA

Justin Nathaniel Carter '14GS

Kim Danh '11SIPA

Pablo Schuhmacher '09CC

Leads for Norcal Initiatives:

Academic series Lead: Madeleine Jensen '12CC

Community Engagement Lead: Lissette Melos '02CC

Entrepreneurship series Lead: Matt Mireles '08GS

Inclusion & Diversity series Lead: Monika Auger '11JRN

Marketing Chair: Maureen Murphy '99BUS '99SIPA

Social Media Chair: Monika Auger '11JRN

Arts Access Liaison: Anke Therese Schulz '05GSAS

Open positions: Treasurer


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