Columbia University Club of Northern California Board

Executive Committee: 

President: Aireen Batungbakal, GSAPP '12

Treasurer: Alice Wang, CC'06

Chief of Staff: Jennifer Fong, SIPA '11


Board Program Directors: 

Director of Community Service and Engagement: Alex Wang, GSAS '12

Directors of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Miki Hong, CC '91 + Bonnie Jim, MPH '22

Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Daniel Lee, SEAS '22

Director of Events: Katka Sabo, CBS '17

Director of Health & Wellness (South Bay): Megan Aronson, TC '11

Director of Partnership & Fundraising: Dan Epstein, CBS





General Board Members:

ES Sveinsson, SEAS '91

Josh Avins, GSAS '10

Kate Wang, GSAS '21


President Emeritus: 

Stephen Wang, SEAS '01

Nadine Rose, CSSW '13


Open positions:

Vice President

Director of Marketing & Social Media

Director of Academic Initiatives

Director of Art and Culture

Director of San Francisco Events

Director of South Bay Events

Director of Photography

Contact: [email protected]

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