Columbia University SF Demo Night

The SF Columbia Venture Community, Northern California Columbia Alumni Board and Columbia University are partnering together for a demo night featuring the innovative Columbia start-ups in the Bay Area.

About the Startups:

Dovetail | 
Stillbirth rate in the USA is roughly 26,000/year. And up to 40% pregnancies are high risk, which makes monitoring critical. Doctor visits are weeks apart, and in-between there is a need to know if baby is doing well.
Dovetail is creating a reliable and easy way to continuously monitor baby health - both movements and heart rate. It has:

1. A convenient, wearable sensor patch
2. A companion app as the go-to-place for content and expert services
3. An integrated, human-powered support system service from professionals port. These can be Case Managers and staff from doctor's practices, or ancillary support services like Pregnancy Coach, Doula, Nutritionist etc.

Firstmile is building an API to help make financial technology products both better to use and easier for developers to build. They handle compliance, customer on­boarding, identity verification, and ACH payment processing—including the first "guaranteed" ACH API—fintech services that need to move money (exchanges, savings apps, wallets, banks, etc). The API has consumers enter their online banking credentials and returns to the developer their verified identity and analyzed risk profile. Their bank accounts are ready to do ACH credits and debits immediately—no more microdeposits!
Mountary | 
Getting your art, photos, prints and posters on the wall is too hard. It used to be an inconvenient and expensive experience. 
Mountary is the easiest way to get your stuff on the wall with easy online and on-demand framing. 
Parcelpuppy | 
ParcelPuppy is a global peer to peer marketplace for hard to find international products. Whatever it’s Swiss chocolates, French cosmetics, or Japanese toys we empower people to get the things they love regardless of where they live. We believe in building connections between people around the world. If someone from the U.S. wants something from France, we’ll match them up with a local in Paris who can buy and ship the item to their door.

Sensihub |
SenseiHub lets smaller companies access the same tools and talent available to larger companies. Research and analytics can be crowd sourced from leading Engineers and MBAs from around the world for as little as $20. Industry standard technologies are used to accomplish work. 
About the Judges:
Daniel Hoffer
Co-founder and former CEO of CouchSurfing (world's largest travel community with >10M members which raised ~$23M). Former head of product management for TripIt and for a division of Symantec. Former EIR at Benchmark. Current Partner at Tandem Capital, a seed stage fund.
Michael Bykhovsky
Co-Chair of Columbia University Entrepreneurship Program; Member of Economic Advisory board for US Rep. Jackie Speier, Board Member Outward Bound; Founder of Center for Open Economics, CEO CNML Real-Estate Development - multifamily real-estate company. 

Michael founded Applied Financial Technology (AFT), a quantitative financial analytics company in 1996, sold to Fidelity Information Services 2007.

Prior to establishing AFT, Michael worked at Fisher, Francis, Trees & Watts (FFT&W) as Director of Portfolio Technology. While there, he developed a comprehensive fixed income analytical system. Previously at Hyperion Capital Management as head of the Quantitative Research team, he developed a wide range of analytical systems focused on analyzing the performance and risk characteristics of mortgages and mortgage derivatives.
His previous banking experience included head of risk control at ABN AMRO, and vice president Prudential Securities.
Michelle Zhou
Dr. Michelle Zhou is a co-founder and CEO of Juji, Inc., a high-tech startup specializing in deep people analytics and engagement from big data and crowdsourcing. Michelle received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Columbia University, and had worked at IBM Research, and then the IBM Watson Group for over 15 years. She is a top expert in the interdisciplinary field, Intelligent User Interaction (IUI), which intersects Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction, aiming at combining the power of machine and human intelligence to turn computers into humans’ best assistants. Michelle has led the research and development of many cutting-edge, IUI technologies and solutions, including context-sensitive human-computer conversational systems, personality analytics from social media, and opportunistic crowdsourcing. Her works have been incorporated into over a dozen IBM products and solutions, and also resulted in over 80 scientific publications and 35 issued/filed patents. Her work has also been widely featured in press and she is also a frequent speaker at top venues, more recently, serving as a panelist at SXSW 2015 and a panel judge at DEMO Enterprise 2014.  
Rahul Chopra
Rahul is a serial entrepreneur and a partner at Ventus Partners and advises leading Venture Capital Funds, technology incubators, and new startups in the fields of energy and telecom infrastructure, healthcare IT, and technology related business models and markets. At Lawrence Berkeley, Rahul is responsible for Corporate Development for Energy Technologies Area where he focuses on business development, new business ideas and models, and strategic alliances across the area. In addition to serving on the Boards of multiple technology start-ups, Rahul works closely with the leading venture and PE firms as an advisor on the west coast in diverse industries that span energy, wireless, and healthcare infrastructures creation and optimization. Having founded 2 high-tech startups and raised over $200M in capital, Rahul has over 20 years of financial, transactions, corporate development and strategy expertise in launching and growing disruptive, high-tech businesses. Prior to startups, Rahul ran multiple hundred million dollar businesses at 3COM and NORTEL. Rahul is a Graduate of Columbia University and the University of California Berkeley.
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June 01, 2015 at 6:30pm - 9:30pm

General Assembly San Francisco

225 Bush St
5 floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
United States