Entrepreneurship Series (1): Selling with Integrity

Accelerate Your Business with Service-oriented Selling Techniques! Sales can be daunting, especially in a high-pressure setting like the Silicon Valley. But it does not always have to be! Join us for a hands-on sales skills building workshop, where you will learn how to infuze integrity, respect and service-oriented mindset to help people find your solution and help you generate more revenue.  The evening will begin with purposeful networking and by asking ourselves what is keeping us from reaching our full potential at the workforce.  During this engaging-2 hour workshop, we will cover the "3 Pillars of Success: Strategy, Mindset & Leadership" and help you align your professional goals and your core values.  Through role-playing, you will get to amply practice sales with other professionals in a structured setting, and gain peer support and accountability framework to take away after the workshop. After participating in the interactive group program, you will be able to: Level up your goals and strengthen your mindset, so that you can take your business or career to the next level. Learn key strategies to make pitching and networking easier and less stressful. Unlearn old stories about “selling” and “chasing” and adopt a new approach to landing your ideal client or job. Connect authentically with other business professionals and create win-win partnerships and opportunities. Internalizing and practicing these skills will not only help you accelerate your business, but also help you make a more positive impact in your personal life. ABOUT THE WORKSHOP HOST Brigette Iarrusso, MPA is a sought-after speaker, who is committed to empowering, motivating and accelerating diverse value-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders. She has been an instructor of Entrepreneurial and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership at UC Berkeley for over 7 years and has conducted workshops for businesses, startup accelerators, governments, entrepreneurs and impact-driven leaders from around the world.  She enables purpose-driven businesses to design a sustainable revenue model and inclusive organizational culture that has a positive impact on people and planet.
May 01, 2019 at 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Salesforce Tower

San Francisco, CA 94105
United States